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This is where you will read about our latest Dynamics AX projects and find useful links and tips & tricks for using Microsoft Dynamics AX. For more information on our Microsoft Dynamics AX services please send an e-mail to HighRoad Technologies Inc.

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We are Microsoft Sales Associates for Dynamics and as a corporation, we focus all of our attention on the Microsoft's Dynamics solutions. Whether we are working on a Dynamics project in North America or in another international location,  we help our clients 'realize' the benefits of  'Best Practice' implementations of Microsoft's Dynamics ERP solutions.  Build on the knowledge we have gained while working on AX 3.0, 4.0, AX 2009 and AX 2012 projects. We are also running  AX 2012R3 so talk to us about the best release of AX we have worked with to date!

We also offer Microsoft Financing to all of our customers.

The benefits of Microsoft Financing are clear:

Microsoft Financing is a total solution financing provider, giving customers the ability to bundle their entire IT solution, including Microsoft software, partner services, hardware and non-MS software, into one convenient monthly payment.  Let us help you find the 'best' financing options for your technology investments.

Dynamics AX Upgrade Services

Save Your Money!

Are you considering an upgrade of your AX application. Let us help you save money by using our 'specialized' upgrade services. See why other companies have decided to use 'our' upgrade services. Get timely answers to your technical and functional questions  regardless of your location! If you would like more information on these services, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to give you all of the details.

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AX 2009 Load Balancing and Capacity Planning:

How do you do your load balancing and capacity planning for Dynamics AX? If you havenít seen this already, here is a link to a tool that you might find useful as you try to manage your AX 2009 environment.


The Application Benchmarking Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX allows users to easily simulate user activity on Dynamics AX and to use the Microsoft Visual Studio Load Test software to run stress and performance tests on their systems. Specifically, the Benchmark Toolkit comes with a set of pre-defined scenarios such as Sales Order Creation as well as a programming model proxy that generates C# code from the users X++ code, using Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Connector for calls to the Application Object Server.

Discover Microsoft Dynamics AX. (Click to watch this short video)

AX 2012 Tips and Tricks!
More than 1000 new features and enhancements in AX 2012!

The AX 2012 Model Store

The model store is a SQL Server database where all Microsoft Dynamics AX application elements are  stored, including customizations. Layer and model information are integral parts of the store. The Application Object Server (AOS) has access to the model store, handles layer-flattening, and provides model data to all the Microsoft Dynamics AX sub-systems, such as form and report-rendering and X++ code. The model store replaces the AOD files used in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

AX 2012 Dimensions

Did you know that you have to prepare your financial dimension framework for an upgrade from AX 2009 to AX 2012? Dimensions are now shared and can be used by any legal entity! Click here for a preview > AX 2012 Dim Framework example


AX Development, Support and Research Services!

Please talk to us about our AX Development, Support and Research Service. Why pay for expensive technical and functional support when you can get your answers from our experienced staff without the need for a contract and/or hiring expensive onsite AX resources. If you would like more information on these services, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to give you all of the details. AX Research and Support Services

Key Benefits of using our Services:

More than 25 years of ERP implementation experience.


  1. We can perform ERP 'Readiness' assessments (ERP Readiness Questionnaire example).

  2. Develop Requirements Definitions

  3. Produce and submit RFI's and RFP's.

  4. Develop Project Charters

  5. Provide ERP Methodology Guidelines, Plans and Control Templates.

  6. Provide Vendor Contract Negotiation services.

  7. Support your AX resource planning activities. (AX Placement and Recruiting Services)